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About Analog service

Satecom is proud of the first private company supplying Pay TV service in Vietnam. In collaboration with VTVcab and SCTV, Satecom has been constantly improving the quality of service and the stability of signal.

To maintain the prestige of brand Vietnam Cable Television – VTVcab, beside the attractive program content and the reasonable price, the good service is one of the most important factor. Firstly, Satecom always chooses the famous suppliers of the cable television equipment in the world to ensure that the customers can use the high quality equipments. Moreover, the team of professional technicians are always ready to handle and warrant any customer’s claims in the shortest time

VTVcab currently offer various television packages such as: all in one, news, sports, movies and entertainment with the high quality to satisfy the demand of audiences in whole country.

Until now, VTVcable is deploying efforts to digitize cable television system. Success in digitizing process will offer more service packages with high quality that satisfy the conditions and preferences of different audience, especially for each family members, as well as slogan of Vietnam cable Television VTVcab - "Bringing family together".

Please call 19001515 or 04-3784-7275 to register the cable service.